Management Message

First of all thanks to Allah. Bangladesh is now an emerging economic power. For sustainable development of the country, we should ensure the optimum use of our limited resources like land management. I wholeheartedly feel that the housing problem in Bangladesh is becoming complicated day by day. With a vision and dream to provide the residential and commercial housing needs of the country, I made up a real estate company with a highly experienced dynamic team capable of solving residence problem of the city dwellers and begin a secure society.

I strongly feel that we can use our corporate social responsibilities to well-serve our Country in its path to Development. RCC Business Group has therefore been very positive in advancing public interest by encouraging social growth and improvement

RCC Business Group practices professional attitudes, functional activities & service oriented teamwork to meet the huge demand of shelter profitably. I hope we can provide you a secure peaceful residence that makes your dream true.

Wishing all the best
S.M. Wahidur Rahman
RCC Business Group
RCC Builders Ltd began its journey in 2007 with an aspiration to create greater value of living for its clients, landowners and stakeholders. RCC Builders Ltd is an active member of the Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB, No. 595).

The company has made its success story by establishing long term mutually beneficial relationship with its valued clients, prospects, landowners, patrons and business associates through quality, commitment and professionalism. Over the years we develop a team who are highly motivate quality services to the customers to the different sectors. I can assure we do so. We are dedicated to our customers.

RCC Builders Ltd takes pride in promoting its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) seriously. RCC Builders Ltd. is a proud sponsor of Khulna Mohamedan Spoting Club. We are grateful to get the opportunity to cooperate with Khulna City Corporation in their Clean Khulna Campaigning.

On behalf of our team I would to extent our sincere thanks and gratitude customers for their kind support without which we couldn't have reach here.

Thanks to all
Sanjoy Chakraborty
Managing Director
RCC Business Group.
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City Club, Comilla.
Khulna Mohamedan Sporting Club.
Dhanmondi Club Ltd.
At RCC Builders Ltd, we provide quality, advance real estate products and services that home buyers most want and need. Our approach is built on providing reliability, professionalism and excellence in service. We try hard for the creation of a better life for everyone, with value for investments that come with a great lifestyle, facilities & location. Our aim is to create a meaningful way of life – a better life – for the community & the country. We hope to establish a special relationship with you to achieve your real estate dreams.

We ensure best service for both clients and non clients. We follow professional ethics and act as responsible corporate citizen. We are well equipped with a team of skilled professionals and competent management team.

We are pledged to the mission of materializing your Dream Home within the shortest possible time, while maintaining the highest architectural aestheticism and the premier standard of construction.

My Wishes to all
Ranjan Chakraborty
Rcc Business Group.
We are proud to introduce us as a class one engineering construction & consultancy company in Bangladesh.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the latest in the field of pre fabricated buildings, and they offer numerous benefits. Pre engineered buildings are an excellent solution to the numerous complications related to constructing in the traditional way.

Steel as a building material offers numerous benefits such as ease to build, easy to maintain, fire resistance, high durability and the ability to recycle. Pre engineered buildings are built with extreme precision and dimensional accuracy due to the fact that they are manufactured in-house and then assembled at the construction site. This precision and dimensional accuracy ensure maximum efficiency and proper utilization of space.

These buildings are very environment friendly since steel is a recyclable and can be used over and over again.

But it is important to choose a good quality steel building supplier so that the steel material used is of the best quality and offers all of the above mentioned benefits.

RCC Nirman and Nirman Shaily provide complete design, planning and construction services for all types of steel building.

Our aim is to design, fabricate and erect steel structures of any kind for growth and development with the best quality materials in a shortest possible time and offer all technical support to customers for achieving maximum satisfaction.

RCC Nirman and Nirman Shaily are able to make cost-effective designs that precisely match the standard codes of steel structure without compromising the quality and aesthetic beauty of the project.

Our engineers and technical staff-members are highly experienced and adequately skilled to meet any kind of demand for steel structure building. This company is well organized with a group of most experienced and self-recognized professionals with many years of shared history.

Our vision is to be one of the leading steel manufacturers through the excellence of our people, innovative approach and overall conduct. Underpinning this vision is a performance culture committed to aspiration targets, safety and social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness and transparency.

Thanks to all
Md. Mahabub Alam
RCC Business Group
RCC Nirman (PVT) Ltd.
Nirman Shaily.